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About us

The Flower Petaler brings great devotion to every occasion. We create for all of life’s momentous celebrations, from weddings and birthdays, to professional gatherings and commemorations. From cascading blossoms to brilliant archways, enchanting centerpieces to dreamy bouquets, flowers are pure poetry, and a wondrous expression of the heart.

Utilizing thoughtfully sourced flora, we specialize in bespoke arrangements that evoke awe and delight. Botanical artistry is our passion, and whether you envision ethereal elegance or rustic and wild, our team will work with you to discover the flora and foliage that speaks to you. 

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Meet Meredith

I feel like so much of me is part of what I do.” - Meredith Russo

For owner Meredith, a love of nature and all things artisanal weaves through every aspect of life. Gardening, photography, and baking are all personal passions, and she loves engaging with the outdoors on scenic walks with her golden Labrador, Cooper, who loves flowers just as much as the team. (Be sure to say hello if you see him at the shop - he’s part of the official welcome committee!)

For Meredith, there is endless joy in the sweet simplicity of having hands in the earth, working closely with each blossom - hence her beloved shop’s name. That connection to the elements and personalized care is key to The Flower Petaler’s ideology, from an initial discovery call or consultation, to the selection and design implementation of flora, to the arrival of arrangements the day of your event. Through handcrafted artistry and a commitment to excellence, Meredith and her team aspire to create cherished moments and experiences for all of life’s milestones.

As a florist with a wide breadth of work, Meredith understands that she is often meeting her clients at a very special and momentous time in their lives. She's honored to join you on your journey, and whatever the milestone, you can be confident in her team’s thoughtful insight, expertise, and support every step of the way.

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