It’s pretty clear we love flowers. We love the beauty and whimsy they exude, and the joy that they bring. And if a bountiful bouquet isn’t breathtaking enough, the language of these little wonders is even more precious.

The symbolism of flowers has been recorded for centuries in folklore, poetry, and theatre across the world. Known as floriography, this interest in botanical symbolism blossomed during the Victorian era, where enthusiasts used floral arrangements as a means of communication to express their heartfelt sentiment.

Did you know that amaryllis is often defined as meaning splendid beauty? Or that sunflowers are cherished as symbols of adoration, due to the way their blossom turns to follow the sun as it charts across the sky? From the walk down the aisle to the everyday “I love you,” explore our guide to discover seasonal flowers across a brilliant spectrum of color and aesthetic.

Our flowers and foliage are sourced from all around the world at different times of the year. There are many variables that can affect a fluctuation in the cost of a particular flower such as supply, demand, shipping and freight, growing conditions, flower care and of course – Mother Nature. We are committed to sourcing the freshest and highest quality flowers, and offering them at reasonable but competitive costs.







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Additional sources:

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