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At The Flower Petaler, we’re passionate about palettes, and dedicated to design. From bridal bouquets to sweeping displays, your wedding floral arrangements are a breathtaking opportunity to set the tone for celebration.

With the many elements to consider in the planning of your wedding, we want the floral portion of planning to not only be successful, but fun! This is where your creativity and personality truly shines through, and we love working with our clients to bring their heart and soul into each design. Through our consultative process we’ll explore seasonal blooms, discuss inspiration, and work together to create unique arrangements that will reflect the romance and joy of your love.

We cherish the details, from how each hue compliments a bride’s dress, to the play of candlelight on petals, or the way leaves and tendrils silhouette against the sky at sunset. You can rest confident in our team’s dedicated care to each and every blossom, ensuring nourished and brilliant arrangements on your big day. Call us today to schedule a consultation, and let’s set your dream in motion!

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